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Most Popular Articles

 Do you offer a free test period?

For registered companies who wish to try our Dedicated Server or VPS platforms and connectivity before committing, we provide short term testing opportunities. For further information please feel free to contact our sales team, and be...

 Securing Dedicated Server IPMI

IPMI Information IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) is an interface for the management and administration of servers. It is implemented with a BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) of a motherboard. You can access this...

 How long does it take for my domain registration to appear?

Once your payment is approved, the domain registrar used for your domain will process it. Once our system is notified of a successful processing it will immediately appear in your account view. If you have hosting associated with this...

 Can I use my own Microsoft Windows Server licence keys?

We can provide a licence key for you, or you can use your own. For new installs please add a note that you wish to use your own licence key, and provide the licence key number when ordering and we will use this. For already active...

 Which ports should be open for ASMB8-IKVM management board if it is behind a firewall?

If you want to use the full functions of ASMB8-IKVM management board when the server is behind a firewall, you should open these ports: TCP ports:5123 -> virtual floppy5120 -> virtual storage623  -> IPMI80 -> http7578 ->...